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Trek Factory Racing was born on January 1st 2016 when Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton signed to race for Trek Bikes. But you could say that Atherton Racing was forged in 1994 when Dan bought Gee his first bike for £10 or in 1996 when the family raced BMX for the first time…

Dan is the guiding light of Atherton Racing and is an inspiration to a whole generation of mountain-bikers.  His genius for trail-building, combined with the fact that he is recognized as one of the worlds greatest bike handlers mean that he is constantly pushing the boundaries of the sport the whole family love. He has is a World Cup winner ( in 4X) and a UK National Champion.

Gee and Rachel are both racers through and through, Gee is renowned for his consistency and his toughness – as well as for his spectacular crashes! He has won 9 World Cups and 2 World Championships, the most recent in 2014.

Rach dominates the Women’s Sport. She has won 33 World Cups and 5 World Championships. 2015 was a perfect season for her, undefeated on the World Cup circuit she brought her total of consecutive World Cup wins to an amazing 13 races – a new world record. She defended her World Championship title to make it a total of 4 senior wins.

Real Values?

As a team we’re striving to push the boundaries of the sport, to be the best racers we can be through a disciplined and professional approach and to encourage more people to try mountain-biking, whatever their age or gender.


When we started working with IXS we sat down with the team and ripped some kit apart, literally. We were really honest about what we didn’t like so that we could start to develop even more awesome new kit for the future. We test every seam placement or breathable insert out on the trails. And don’t forget protection - we’ve got Gee Atherton on the team so we demand maximum crash protection!


3 different wisdoms from three very different riders…

“ there has never been anybody like you before, and there won’t be again, so don’t try to be like anyone else, or follow what they do – plough your own furrow…" - Dan Atherton


"Get on your bike! Ride more" – people ask me how to improve their riding all the time, all the theory and gym work in the world are no good if you aren’t actually practicing those downhill moves on a regular basis. - Gee Atherton


For my body to function I beliefe at its optimum level my mind must also be rested and clear. My mantra could be “Ride fiercely, live gently.” - Rachel Atherton 


Dan Atherton: Enduro rider, bike-handler and trail-builder
Gee Atherton: Downhill
Rachel Atherton: Downhill – Reigning World Champion, World Cup overall champion and record breaking holder of 13 consecutive World Cup wins
Taylor Vernon: Downhill 

Bike Sponsor: Trek
iXS Gear: We run Dagger knee pads, Sever shorts for trail riding Race 7.1 shorts for DH and we love the  race 7.1 long trousers for the Welsh winter! Top is YY the Race 7.1 jersey.