Gehrig Twins

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Based in Flims Switzerland we have the alpine as our playground. Although starting with DH racing we have found the perfect challenge for us within Enduro. We love to explore on our bikes and can often be found drinking coffee with our friends. 

Real Value?

Our aim for the top step of the podium is a constant source of encouragement, forcing us to train hard to reach our goals. The variety of races within the Enduro discipline pushes us to adapt to new trails, terrain and even cultures for every event. We feel fortunate to be able to follow our dream and do what we love for a living. 


Mostly we are riding the IXS Flow Pads they are light and comfy, perfect for a long day on the bike. The Xult Fullface helmet protects our heads and thanks to the good ventilation also cool.


It's never over until it's over... Keep that in mind when racing enduro!


Anita Gehrig: Enduro
Caro Gehrig: Enduro

Bike Sponsor: Ibis
iXS Gear: Helmets, Protectors & Gloves