Micayla Gatto

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My name is Micayla Gatto, and I grew up on the North Shore mountains in Vancouver, Canada.  As a child I loved the outdoors and was always seeking adventure.  Not much has changed!  I started riding bikes when I was 12 years old, and never looked back.  


Having people in my life like Geoff (Gully) to push me and encourage me throughout my career is, what I believe, what has made me so successful.  With multiple National titles, top 10 World Cup rankings, and a World Cup podium under my belt, I am now returning to my roots as a rider, and sharing them with the world.  The more I create and explore on my bike and through my artwork, the more fulfilled I feel.

Real Value?

I value creativity, curiosity, humour, and hard work in every single aspect of my life.  I value the people in my life that challenge me, and the power of inspiration.  I value the mistakes I have made and the lessons I've learned from them, the power of positivity and love, and the amazing way we can live our lives if we work hard and think outside the box.


For my freeride adventures I love the Xult helmet and the Carve Evo knee guards for a little added protection.  For trail and more pedally explorations, I love my Trail RS Evo helmet and Flow knee pads.  My favourite kit is the Vibe 6.1 Women's jersey and Sever 6.1 Women's short.  It's hard to find women's specific clothes that fit my body type, but IXS makes it so I don't ever have to think about what I'm wearing when I'm trying to perform.


I am a sucker for cheesy quotes, and right now my favourite one has to be: "Create what you want to be a part of".  For years I would just hold back, waiting to be invited on trips or given opportunities to create and be a part of a cool shoot or story, but in the past year I've learned that you have to get after what you want, and sometimes, what you want doesn't exist so you have to create it yourself!! There's a lot of power and pride that comes in creating your own path.  As far as advise goes, all I can say is: Live passionately and throw yourself into the unknown.  If you try, you're either going to succeed and move forward, or fail and learn, but either way you are growing.


Lives in: CAN
Nationality: CAN
Bike: Diamond Back
iXS Gear: Apparel, Pads & Helmets